01 December 2014

Cyber Monday Sales

I used to be a HUGE Black Friday shopper. 
"Used To" being the operative words. Now that we have an
infant at home and sleep is a luxury, going out until all hours
of the night didn't sound all that appealing anymore! In fact, 
our Black Friday Eve was spent cozied up with blankies, 
Christmas movies and my computer! I did a little shopping
at the comfort of my own couch and loved it. So now that
Cyber Monday is upon us, here are the sales I'll be shopping!

Use code CYBER for 40% off the entire site!

Use code FC40BF for 40% off site wide!

Use code CYBERSALE for 30% of site wide + an extra 40% off sale items!

Use code ILOVEMONDAYS for 30% off site wide!

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