26 March 2015

Now Craving: Gladiator Sandals

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I'm in spring/summer mode which means sandals!
I'm loving me some gladiators right now….here is a round up of
my faves! 

S H O P   S A N D A L S   B E L O W

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24 March 2015

Blue Hues

Gap Shirt  //  DL1961 Denim  //  Coach Flats sold out (similar pair here)  //  Celine Shades

Most days when I'm running around with the babe and I don't have to go into
the office, comfort is definitely key. Oh and anything that contains spandex
is a win. I mean….I never used to understand chicks rocking tight ass spandex,
that is until I was pregnant.  That shit saved my life! Holler if you hear me.
So now, running after my little crawler is made easier by rocking some stretch
in my pants!

S H O P   T H E   L O O K

19 March 2015

Zucchini Lasagna

For those questioning, I am a MAJOR pasta fan so by no means does this
mean I have cut carbs out. I'd rather sell my right arm then give up bread.
For real. 

Ok back to the post. This recipe came about from literally having nothing in the house but 
turkey meat, zucchini, and sauce. Truth be told I could live on cheese and bread so I always have various cheeses on hand. I wasn't in the mood for meatloaf, meatballs, or anything of the sort, so I figured why the hell not! Now if you are OCD like me and don't own a mandolin the non-perfect slices of zucchini might drive you mad but I powered thru it! I tried my damnedest to perfect my knife skills and getting my Bobby Flay on.