23 March 2016

Looking Ahead

Zara Top  //  Levi's Shorts  //  Heels thanks to Pour La Victoire 

It's hot. It's cold. 
Mother nature is certainly not sure what she wants.
One thing is for sure, I'm ready for shorts, dresses 
and sandals. Who's with me?! Ok, I know my legs aren't exactly 
 ready for Spring but its nothing a little self tanner
can't fix! 

These heeled sandals are a new addition and I couldn't wait to
wear them! They will be a staple all spring and summer long.

21 March 2016

Denim + Stripes

F21 Shirt  //  Zara Denim  //  Converse Sneakers

Well hello there! Yes, its actually me. I know, you can't believe your eyes!
I've gotten so many emails asking if I had abandoned my blog, if I was ok,
or if I was gone forever! First of all, I am so fucking honored that you missed 
me and this little here blog. From the bottom of my heart….THANK YOU. 
I've really got no excuse except for the fact that life just gets really crazy 
sometimes and as you get older you have to learn to prioritize things. Working 
full time, having a family, keeping up with life's everyday chores AND 
having a blog sometimes can get bigger than you, you feel me?! 

Thanks for the love!
Wishing you all an amazing first week of SPRING!

01 February 2016

Moose Knuckles

Jacket thanks to Moose Knuckles Canada  //  F21 Bodysuit  //  Rag & Bone Denim and Boots

It's only appropriate to start off this post with a...
Holy shit its FEBRUARY!

Ok, ok, I'll embrace the new month but I still can't believe we are already in 
February. Seriously insane. 

Can we talk about what else is insane? This jacket. Warmest, coziest, and 
cutest jacket I've owned to date. All my cold weather peeps, this is a 

Happy Monday