27 February 2015

Camel Coat

Zara Coat (similar here)  //   Gap Sweater  //  Necklace thanks to BaubleBar  //  Rag & Bone Jeans  //  Chanel Loafers  //  Ray Ban Sunnies

So if you live in LA you know that mother nature certainly has a 
mind of her own. It's like she's going thru the throws of menopause. 
One week her hot flashes are off the chain and the next week she's over 
it and decides she's ready to use a blanket. That being said, I've decided to 
suck the life out of this camel coat before she changes her mind again! I've
gotten such great use out of it this season and will be sad when I have to 
pack it away until next year. Don't tell me I'm the only one who has emotional
attachments to her clothes?! Pathetic I know, but if you have a vagina then you
know what I'm talking about. Yes I just said vagina. 

On that note….Happy Weekend!