01 February 2016

Moose Knuckles

Jacket thanks to Moose Knuckles Canada  //  F21 Bodysuit  //  Rag & Bone Denim and Boots

It's only appropriate to start off this post with a...
Holy shit its FEBRUARY!

Ok, ok, I'll embrace the new month but I still can't believe we are already in 
February. Seriously insane. 

Can we talk about what else is insane? This jacket. Warmest, coziest, and 
cutest jacket I've owned to date. All my cold weather peeps, this is a 

Happy Monday


Natali said...

Fantastic jacket and boots, I like this combo a lot!


Elise Von E said...

You look amazing! Your boots and jacket are spectacular!

xx, Elise

Unknown said...

What size is your jacket? Love the look

Unknown said...

Very nice mix and match! You girl look modern and warm in this look. The jacket and boots are trendy and fashionable. I can't take my eyes off you from head to toe.

Kisses from Khanh,

Live-Style20 said...

so cute pics; -))

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arron said...

Great jacket! This style is so amazing, glad to look these photos

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Anri Herbal said...

I am loving berets this season, they look great and are perfect for adding a pop of colour to your look.

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