10 June 2013

Drop Waist

Dress: Asos, Bandeau: Shop Frankie's, Sneakers: Isabel Marant, Bag: Alexander Wang, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Necklace: old

Saturday we spent an amazing day with friends by the ocean and 
clearly my the looks of my wild mane it was a nice breezy day! 
And if you saw my instagram picture then you know we had an
 absolutely horrid view. ha! Nothing better than good friends,
 good food and a great view....oh and The Governor.


Life's a shoe said...

such a great dress!

Live-Style20 said...

cute!! ; DD

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Jane said...

In love with your statement necklace. You look amazing!

Sheree said...

Love the drop waist and open sides..great throw over summer dress!
Sheree xxx

Anonymous said...

Perfect summer dress! Love that giant statement necklace with it!!

Knocked Up Fabulous

Kate said...

The dropwaist is SO cute on you! It doesn't usually work on me but I love how it drapes so perfectly on you! I'm loving it paired with the striped bandeau, too! So cute!

HIDING IN HEAVEN by Lolita said...

LOVE IT ! this shape totally suits you...


Cara said...

Love this laid back look, that is such a great necklace!
xo Cara

Joan said...

beautiful dress!

Audrey B said...

Can you be any cuter? Easy, breezy...perfect!

christin said...


Closet Fashionista said...

That dress is too cute! I should try drop waist stuff too, ha ha

Unknown said...

love this... so cozy yet cute all at once. having a love affair with all of your recent looks!


Megan, TfDiaries.com said...

that dress is amazing nicole! Xo, Megan, www.TfDiaries.com

Beautygirl24 said...

I love your hair Nicole! Time for me to start letting mine air dry too and bust out some sea spray :)

Bettina said...

Love the striped bandeau peeking through the dress! I will have to check this FP beauty out!

Unknown said...

Such a cute dress!

Amy Shaughnessy said...

I love this dress. Love the stripes peeking out too.


Fashion and Beauty Finds

danielle said...

that necklace is bananas! love! and thanks for the inspiration on a different way to wear wedge sneakers. might have to break mine out with a cute dress!

Ashley said...

Love love love that dress! Such a great, relaxed look.

Unknown said...

Cute dress :) Love the pop of stripe...and that you paired it with the wedge sneakers!

Veloria in velvet

Nicole Cushing said...

I am loving this look. I am a huge fan of the drop waist skirt and I think this silhouette is great for you!



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