07 June 2013

Green Machine

sweater similar here  //  shirt similar here and here  //  pants  //  sneakers  //  bag  //  sunglasses  //  necklace

Yes, the pants are back!
I feel like you can rotate and rotate pieces in
your closet but let's be honest...you always end up gravitating
towards the same 5-10 pieces per season, right? Well, these happen to be in that group!
Last time I wore them with heels but I kept it low key this time for a day of running around. 

On another note, how are we already on to our 2nd week of June?! It's soooo
crazy how fast time is going.

Happy weekend to you all!


Live-Style20 said...

cute!! ;>>

new post


Kimberly said...

I love the color of those pants and the sneakers are so cute...great casual look!


Closet Fashionista said...

I love the relaxed fit of those pants! :D
And yes....time is going too fast! The weekdays need to speed up and then weekends should slow down

HIDING IN HEAVEN by Lolita said...

Love these pants !

Check out my new outfit post :

Marissa at Style Cusp said...

Totally agree - I always have a few pieces I wear and rewear throughout the season.. right now, it's maxis! Love the hue of these pants. xo

christin said...

oh how i have missed you. i hate being so biz that i cant even read my faves. you look hot, obvi. i need to get those pants but it gets so damn hot here during the summer that i'd sweat them right off.

Life's a shoe said...

loving the green color!

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

you're so right...time just FLIES!!! Where does it go??

On another note, I LOVE this look. The green pants fit you like I would want it to fit me! Plus, that sweater is adorable. I love that too!

Have a great weekend!!



Unknown said...

tots...I have been wearing my camo skinnies like embarrassingly often..like every other day often...just so damn easy and they do with everything.
Love the relaxed fit here..and the color is fun!
Hope you are well girlie.

Anonymous said...

Loving these green pants on you - definitely staple-worthy!

Trendy Mondays - your online fashion destination for independent European designers

Unknown said...

Well the trousers are such a fabulous color...of course they'll become a staple in your closet!!

Veloria in Velvet


I totally love how these pants fit you. You're so slim, I love it!!!

'The Wind of Inspiration' blog

Leah said...

Love this. It's the perfect weekend outfit but those pants are the perfect punch.

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