17 May 2011

Military Love

Jacket: Old Navy (seen here), Top: Club Monaco (seen here), Belt: Vintage YSL, Jeans: Machine, Shoes: Vans (seen here), Bag: Vintage Gucci, Jewelry: Gucci, Ettika, Ecuador Flea Market, Sunnies: H&M

Saturday the hubs and I headed down to the South Bay for one of my nearest and dearest 30th birthdays! Despite the cold front that was happening, it was such a delight to see so many faces that I don't get to see on the reg. I was planning on wearing none other than a maxi, but that plan got scrapped when I realized I would freeze my arse off in a dress. Enter...the always trusted and ever reliable Military jacket. I've had this baby for 6 years and it hasn't done me wrong yet. I think it's pretty safe to say that he's a sure thing...such a rarity these days, right? I kid. I kid. Kinda. 

What's one piece you can't live without?


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Luxx Mint said...

Love the top, all the small details = one great outfit.

The doll on fashion

Gawgus things... said...

Great jacket! Ah, if I only i could pick just one thing I couldn't live without! Would have to say hubby, of course ;) xx

Lisa said...

Wow love that youve had thatnjacket for 6 years further proof that the military trend is always chic and always a fab neutral!! Happy belated birthday my dear!

Eleanor said...

The destroy on those jeans has me all starry eyed...wowza!
Can we just talk for a second about your ability to take such basic, timeless items and turn them into something so utterly chic that it leaves me incapable of words to describe it?
Once again, you have clearly BLOWN MY MIND ~ and those shoes...those shoes....

RosaLovesDC said...

The oxfords are so cute! I am a big fan, I even wear them with my sun dresses.

Polly said...

yes, that jacket is a must have. I can see why its a go to. For me its my trench. I love her so.

Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh love this outfit!!
hmm...one thing I can't live without....I'm going to be dumb and say my American Eagle jeans XD They are just perfection and when I don't know what else to wear I grab them

Cassie said...

I honestly love your style! I CAN NOT live without my Sperry topsiders, I wear them almost daily (at least for some period of time.)

Lee Oliveira said...

Love the entire outfit.. Spot on.
Now.. I need your shoes in my life.. I don't care if they are for ladies.. hahahah
lee x

k said...

i like that outfit a lot!

Unknown said...

DYING over ur shoes - and LOVE the vintage bag girl! - plus the belt too - cute look - but drooling over the shoes!

Anonymous said...

Great outfit, and love the jacket. I actually have a military-style jacket that I still wear all the time that I got in high school. Classics never die.


little luxury list said...

Ooh loving the top. It is hard to find a timeless item and your jacket is definitely one of them!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Unknown said...

Adorable! Perfect jaquet for Spring.

Courtney Erin said...

Love the shoes! I have a very plain black trench coat that I absolutely can't live without.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Annie said...

i LOVE your jacket!! and the red necklace is such a nice pop with that whole outfit! xo

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

love this look! i have similar jeans from J.Crew. Hmm..that is a tough question.. i can't decide, so i'm not going to try. haha.

erika sorocco said...

Ooh, the military jacket is incredible - I cannot believe you picked that up at Old Navy! :)

Nita said...

I cpouldn't live without my sunglasses...that yours are so cute!!

THE said...

Another great pair of destroyed jeans. Looks fab with the army jacket and shoes!

XO Charlotte

Jess said...

Love the distressed jeans. Just bought a pair of joes similar to those!

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

love your khaki! x hivenn

Cara said...

You just can't go wrong with a military jacket, and I love how versitile they are, you can throw one on with jeans or over a maxi and it looks great. Love your distressed jeans and those shoes!! So cute
xo Cara

Anh said...

You look amazing dressed up, dressed casually, dressed any which way! <3

Carolina Hardy said...

MILITARY GREAT! nice outfit!


Catita said...

great jeans, I need a pair like that!

this free bird said...

Um, go back through my pictures and you will find one or 5 of me in this exact same spot which is, coincidentally, 3 minutes from my house. Maybe 2. What if I drove by?? What if we missed each other??

Okay I'm weirding myself out.

That being said I agree with the military jacket. I can't live without mine and had 2 buy another for backup. You know you've got backups!!


Bud and Leo said...

Totally digging the jacket! I can't believe it's from Old Navy. Such a good find!

Julie said...

Great layering of the bangles/ watch. I'm still looking for a few good pieces to be able to do that.

Connie Guenther said...

I wonder if there is an age limit for wearing those wonderful oxfords?? Always so clever in your choices. Love your look every day of the year.

Alex said...

oh, the vintage gucci purse is to die for... also those jeans fit you perfectly, gah! and I never... NEVER wish I had longer hair, but just now when I saw your blog I wished so freaking bad I had your hair! what the? girl, you have just what it takes to make me jealous apparently :)

Unknown said...

awesome look nicole, as usual! and really digging those shoes.

stylenuggets said...

Perfect look for a casual and relaxed day. Love the shoes

Taylor said...


Sabby V said...

Love the jacket! I have a similar one and its been my go to jacket these days! Great look:)


Leah said...

Aw yeah. Love the jacket!

xo L.

Kate said...

Such a great jacket! I have a very oversized military jacket, but I've been feeling the need to find something a little more fitted & flattering! Sad to read this was purchased years ago! Super cute!

Miss Aggie Kwong said...

so chic! love everything on top...and the shoes are amazing too..

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From Catwalk to Classroom.

Anonymous said...

wonderful outfit! love your shoes! xo

Mina said...

stunning outfit. i just love the way u styled the whole look. the jeans are just amazing . i havent seen anything like this in awhile.

The Bashful Rose said...

i love the easy way you style your clothes.. and look so good in them.. want to be YOU!!!

cryskay said...

love this outfit! you always look great. the 2 toned oxfords are amazing. xx

BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

Great outfit post dear, i like it so much!!! It looks so so dainty <3



Grace said...

Literally love your parka and the shoes are edgy. : ) love

Diana Mieczan said...

You look totally great and the shoes look so cool. I love that the necklaces gives a cute pop of colour:) One thing I cant live without must be my favourite pair of flats:) Hugs and kisses, sunshine

Alicia Lund said...

I've been living in my military jacket - quite the wardrobe staple!

Unknown said...

Love the glasses, shoes and the red necklace <3

Unknown said...

oooh...love you in military.
DYING over those adorable lil shoes..i can't believe they are vans...seem dressier than their usual gig...I will have to revisit.

Shelby said...

everything about this look is perfection, gorgeous!! new follower <3shelby


danielle said...

i wrote about those vans when i first started my blog! was trying to find out if anyone owned them because i want to get a pair for work!!! how do they fit? true to size? comfortable?

Unknown said...

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