18 December 2015

Dipping into the Fountain

You might have seen me post about this light therapy device on my instagram
And I know what you're thinking….Light therapy? But really it's more like bright therapy!
It's definitely tough to find a good pIck-me-up for your skin when you suffer from dullness or
sunspots here in sunny LA. I'm a working mom who is constantly on the go, so as much as I
would love to dedicate tons of time on complicated daily skincare rituals, it's just not in the 
cards for me. 

Let me just say that I've been using this Revive Light Therapy anti-aging essential device
  3 minutes per area on my face everyday, and it has been so easy! Can we say, hello 
brighter more even skin tone? Literally may be one of the best accessories
 I've found yet!

Oh and one more little secret….
I'm giving one more away for the holidays! Head over to my 
instagram @frankiefashion and comment on my last picture 
for a chance to win!

*This post was brought to you by Revive Light Therapy. Thank you for supporting Frankie Hearts Fashion to make these partnerships possible!