21 December 2015

No Kid Hungry

Ever since I became a mother, I find it unfathomable that children go without food on a daily basis. 
It is literally one of the most devastating things to hear. So this holiday season, giving back is one of the most important things that I can do to try and pitch in to end childhood hunger. That is why I am so passionate about No Kid Hungry and their fight to end childhood hunger.
Did you know that there are children in your community right now who are struggling with hunger? These kids need someone they can count on, which is why No Kid Hungry is here. 

In a country as wealthy as ours, there’s no reason even one child should go hungry. Yet there are millions of kids who are struggling right now. 

Every $10 dollars you give will provide up to 100 meals for a child who is still facing hunger. And you can help us raise enough to provide 10 million more meals for kids across America who need help. How amazing is that? 

Jeff Bridges, No Kid Hungry's national spokesperson, shares a brief, powerful message about the lives of children in need, and the simple way that anyone can help. Click the link to learn more….


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wow this is such a great cause! thanks or sharing! will check it out!


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