16 December 2015

Camel Blazer

J. Crew Blazer & Turtleneck  //  Mango Denim  //  Zara Boots  //  Celine Sunglasses

Hello again!
I know I've been MIA for the last week and for no reason other than life gets
 busy and crazy sometimes even more so around the holidays. I never believed people when they would say...when you become a parent, life becomes a juggling act.  I am currently eating my words because that is EXACTLY what it becomes, although it can be a juggling act even when you aren't a parent! But you know what? I wouldn't change a thing. Even on sleepless nights when you are hallucinating from lack of sleep and all you want is for your freaking kid to sleep! Yep, even on those nights. With all thats going on in the world right now, I feel incredibly blessed and thankful that this is my life!

Ok, I'm done with the deep shit now.
Can we talk about this blazer? By far the best fitting, coolest blazer I have ever owned!
The one I'm wearing is a petite which turned out great cause I did't even have to take the sleeves up.

 Oh and one more thing….
there's only 8 days until Christmas. Check out my last minute gift picks!


Natali said...

Such a simple and elegant, casual outfit! I like it a lot! :)


Hoàng Khánh said...

What an amazing coat! I love the camel colour, especially when it comes to winter fashion. Love the way you mix clothes together. It's fashionable and stylish outfit.

Wish you a new year with full a happyness, luckiness and health :)

Best wishes from Lien

Colleen Hoover said...

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