07 December 2015

Army + Stripes

Rag & Bone Jacket, Jeans & Boots  //  Zara Top  // Ray Ban Shades  //  Chanel Bag

 Happy Manic Monday y'all.
There is 3 weeks till Christmas and I've barely scratched the
surface on all the things I need to get! I swear I could have had a BA
in procrastination. Its ridic!

Here's to being productive this week.



Natali said...

Perfectly styled casual outfit! Love your jacket and boots!


Unknown said...

What a trendy outfit! I love wearing military coats or jackets in fall/winter. Thanks for introducing to me with a great and fashionable mix and match. I love this look!

Kisses from Khanh
Thoi trang CANIFA

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