15 August 2011

Stripe It

Dress worn as top: Lush, Jeans: Hudson (similar), Shoes: Zara, Belt: Hermes, Hat: H&M (similar), Jewelry: J. Crew, Elizabeth Cole, Bag: Chanel, Sunnies: Ray Ban

To say it was an adventurous and unexpected weekend would be a serious understatement. There was an emergency appendectomy for the bro, entertaining the niece and nephew, multiple trips back and forth to the hospital, pharmacy runs, riding bikes with said kids, a bridal shower in between, a failed attempt at roasting a chicken and 2 very stiff drinks to finish it off. WHEW...mouth. full. It went quick but the bro is feeling better and that is all we can ask for!

Bring it on Monday, I'm ready for you girl!

How was everyone's weekend?! Do. Tell.



Federica Delprino said...

Amazing look! :D


this free bird said...

you look so adorable. pass.the.pants.


Luxx Mint said...

Looking amazing as usual!

The doll on fashion

Living_in_aShoe said...

you look so chic! I love the shape of your jeans!

Laura said...

Cool shoes! And you pull off those jeans perfectly.

The Fancy Teacup said...

Glad to hear your brother is okay! The top is beautiful, and flares are so flattering on you.

♥, Jamie

Polly said...

Whew, sounds hectic. Loving the striped top, just gorgeous. So pleased that your brother is ok. Have a lovely week.

Closet Fashionista said...

Sheesh....sounds like a pretty crazy weekend!! XD
Mine was crazy too...I attempted to move in to my new place but hardly got anywhere :p

Julie and Lauren said...

Great photos, Nicole! The pants are almost chambray- very cool. Xo

Unknown said...

i had a crazy weekend from hell too - no ER visits - THANK the frigin' lord!!!!!!!

LOVE ur hermes belt - been DYING to buy one - u ALWAYS have some of the THE nest high end stuff - i wanted a hermes belt for YEARSSSSSS!

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Taylor said...

So glad the bro is better, after talking bout apedecomy with Hubs he said it was the worst pain of his life, so glad that is on the road to getting better! And you know I love stripes! Hot Sauce! Your dress picks are up!

Unknown said...

Glad to hear that your brother is on the mend. That is one crazy weekend for sure.
Mine wasn't nearly as exciting/scary etc. Did enjoy a bridal shower as well...

Love your wide legs...they were made for ya girlie. Have a great week.

Courtney Erin said...

I love that top/dress! And the wide legged jeans are just perfect.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Cara said...

Sounds like such a hectic weekend! I hope you're week is a bit more relaxed :)
Loving these pants and the heels, you look stunning!
xo Cara

Baby Budget Blog said...

LOVING those jeans and of course the belt!


Ellie said...

I love your hat! This is such an amazing outfit.


Audrey B said...

Love it, Nicole! I'm a sucker for stripes and flares myself! What a weekend....mine was not nearly as action packed as yours. Hope you have a better week ahead of you! xx


Anonymous said...

You look so glamorous!!!

I'm glad to hear the bro is feeling better. :)
My weekend was crazy as well. I have family in town from Arizona, had my sis in law's 30th birthday party at my place, and a bridal shower yesterday.

Hope you have a great Monday!!


Ashleigh said...

What a weekend - Glad your bro is ok! shoes = love.

Balancing Lisa said...

I just died of envy!!! Head to toe love!! xo


Grace (The Stripe) said...

well, you already know that i'm partial to stripes... but i love this! you look great... those flares are spectacular.

xox grace

marj said...

oohh...lalalala.....i love the whole ensemble....love it...love it...thanks for sharing :)

Gawgus things... said...

Wow! That was a hectic weekend, mine was much quieter! I love your top xxx

Lisa said...

crazy weekend nicole!! hahah i hope your brother is a lot better now :)

adore your outfit those jeans are INSANE!

Anonymous said...

I love your choice of accessory for this outfit.

New post on my blog

Catita said...

so I've got many posts of you to catch up as I was totally disconnected from internet last week and it felt good although my posts still went on automatically!
The top is very pretty and I love your vintage Alex and Ani bracelet, I got myself one too the other day from shopbop but its the one from the astrological signs and the crochet vest on the other post is also sooooo pretty!

jennifer said...

LOVE the jeans!

praying for your family.


danielle said...

my weekend was way too short. as usual. :) i'm on a beige/black kick right now so i'm loving this outfit. especially the 70s denim! and as always, the bitchin footwear!

Unknown said...

I love your whole outfit! And glad to hear your bro is okay, all that hospital stuff can be scary. Ha, Monday is small potatoes to that kind of weekend! I know the feeling!

xo Mary Jo

p.s. I'm back in LA now so we should meet up one of these days!

Unknown said...

love the dress.. well the top :)

xo Ashleigh


Bad Joan said...

Looooove your jeans! They look amazing on you!


RosaLovesDC said...

Girl, hope your brother is doing much better. xo

Sarah said...

whoa. hope your brother is doing well now! what a weekend u had! well, you LOOK amazing as always (that BELT... need it). My weekend was pretty much amazing... 30th bday party was beyond fun!


Unknown said...

Busy weekend. Hope your bro is better.
The outfit is very cute. Love stripes!

Liz - So Much to Smile About said...

Obsessed with this look! Love that the top is a dress, those wide leg jeans, the zara shoes and that hermes belt! Love love love!

Shasie said...

Lovely! The tie on the striped shirt is so cute!
Shasie of Live Life in Style

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

sorry to hear about your weekend, but I'm glad that your brother is feeling better! you look great in your wide leg jeans ;)


Fashion Fractions

Lee Oliveira said...

Bananas this look..!
I would love to find a girl on the streets wearing what you are wering right now..
Love the pants
Lee x

Annie said...

omg what a weekend!! I'm so glad your brother is ok. I hope the week is calming down for you!
The shade of blue of these jeans is just AMAZING. I love the whole outfit! xo

Sabby V said...

Love those wide legs!


Ramona said...

You look amazing hun! i can't believe that this top actually is a dress. You tuck it in so perfect!

I hope your bro will feel better soon.

xoxo Ra

Belle de Couture said...

Great jeans and super cute shoes, girl! :)

Hope you're having a great week!



The.Red.See said...

Great look, love the updated 70s look! So glad your brother is doing better, that's so scary.

Piksty said...

I love the whole outfit & the shoes are hot...Please check my blog out and follow if you like. :-)