04 February 2015

Blue Hues

Zara Blazer (old) similar here  //  Gap Shirt similar here  //  Zara Jeans  //  Louboutin Pumps  //  Chanel Bag  //  Ray Ban Shades

These days finding time to get everything done is definitely not as easy as it used to be. I often hear people say that bloggers always look "put together" and look like they have glamorous lives. Operative words: "LOOK LIKE." There are days when work I planned to get done doesn't happen, a shower becomes a luxury, my hair looks homeless, lunch means shoveling food in my mouth before my kid wakes up, working until all hours of the night, a house that looks like a tornado just passed thru and a laundry list of deadlines that need to be met. The struggle to balance work life, mom life, and everything in between is a skill I have not yet mastered. So, those weeks where the days don't go as planned or the blog doesn't get updated have really taught me not to let the guilt consume me and just LET GO LET FLOW. There are so many moments to cherish that always happen when you least expect them and ever since I became a mom I've learned to love those moments!
How you like that word vomit?! :)

Now on to this outfit! I'm no stranger to denim on denim, so I'm sure this look is not surprising. I love adding a blazer to a look for some extra pizazz and sophistication and you can truly never go wrong with a pair of pointy toed pumps!

Happy Hump Day y'all!


Live-Style20 said...

awesome . . :]]

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Jeanne said...

Beautiful double denim look!

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