07 March 2013

Closet Inspiration

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When dreaming about the ultimate closet many of the
above come to mind. I mean....does it get any better?!
A lot of these closets (or "rooms" I should say) always have 
the most glam pendants/chandeliers and chic ottomans. 
Soooooo...here are some of my faves!
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Live-Style20 said...

fine pics; DD

i invite to me too


Lady of Style said...

Dreaming of such a closet/room all in white as my other furniture is all white.
Thanks for the fabulous inspiration!

Lady of Style

Stephanie said...

ugh someday! these inspiration pictures are amazing and so beautiful. love the chandeliers, it totally brightens the room but also adds such glam to a closet!

Unknown said...

Nicole! I loved these images but you have a pretty stellar closet yourself as I remember! Any time you want to invite me over to try shoes on would be awesome! ; ) Oh, here is a little post I did on my humble closet:




drew elizabeth said...

I would be a happy girl with any of those closets!

Unknown said...

All this post needs is a choir singing! So amazing! I have already decided that my next house should have an extra bedroom to convert into a massive closet! Love your ottoman pick number five! Great post Nicole!

P.S. I used a lot of exclamations up there, I'm just so excited about this collage of inspiration!

Unknown said...

*word* i call mine "my boutique" - i have this EVER growing post (that never gets posted) about my DREAM closet aka boutique :o)

Closet Fashionista said...

yep...I'll take any of those, ha ha. I'm halfway there right now...I have the "room" (until I have to move) but it just doesn't look as classy ;)

Amy said...

SATC has my fav dream closet! Now I just need to find a Mr. Big to give it to me!
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Unknown said...

If I had one of those closets I would never come out! Seriously WHOOO has those? I want to know what they do! haha!


Nicole Cushing said...

Seeing these inspirations makes me want to transform one of my rooms into a closet! I dont know if my husband would approve. ha ha



Stylishly in love said...

Wow my dream closet.

If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Maxi Skirt and Leather Jacket'.



Tracys Notebook of Style said...

LOVE seeing gorgeous closets - it's nice to dream..someday I will have one :)


Annie said...

omgggg they're all AMAZING!

Unknown said...

Umpf! Closet porn is my favorite. I wish mine was big enough for an ottoman.

xo Ashley

Unknown said...

Yes!! That's what a want a beautiful, crazy big closet! With a case for all my pretty shoes

Unknown said...

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