23 June 2011

Nude Navy

Blouse: Jenny Han, Bustier: UO, Skirt: Wyton, Shoes: Pour La Victoire, Bag & Watch: Vintage Gucci, Necklace: Elizabeth Cole Chain w/ Vintage Chanel Earring, Sunnies: H&M, Bracelets: J. Crew, Vintage, From Bali

Pairing nude with navy has always been a favorite color combo of mine...so simple and classic with a nice modern feel to it. You know what else is simple and classy? Mr. tag just hanging out in my shirt...perhaps next time I get dressed I should look in that thing that reflects your image back at you. I believe that's called a mirror? I must get one stat! Moving on, I have these amazing vintage Chanel earrings that I don't wear nearly enough, so I decided to clip one on to a gold chain and voila...my new fave necklace!


Sassi said...

very cute look!

Gawgus things... said...

I love nude and navy together and what a great idea for your necklace! XX

Luxx Mint said...

You look very elegant in this outfit! Clever necklace idea too!

The doll on fashion

Anonymous said...

beautiful like ever!

Lauren said...

What a great idea to use a vintage chip-on earring + a chain as a new necklace. Such a cute outfit!


Anonymous said...

great outfit!
your blog is very nice.. if you want we can follow each other?

XOX Sabrina

k said...

I really like that color combo, it is so pretty!!

Eleanor said...

The top almost looks vintage! I love how it is so soft and feminine but leaving it open and knotted makes it not so stuffy.
Love Love Love!

Cassie said...

I have a sheer navy shirt just like that and had no idea how to wear it! Thanks girl and cool idea with the necklace.

The Fancy Teacup said...

The nude + navy combination is lovely on you, and adore the gold accents.

♥, Jamie

Polly said...

*sigh* simply beautiful.

RosaLovesDC said...

So elegant! I love the mix of the nude tones with the navy blue, specially the shoes.

Sharon Lei said...

I love the color pairing and the blouse is gorgeous.. it's so pretty and delicate. :)

If you never mentioned the tag, I wouldn't have even noticed. I'm guilty of doing the same thing. Once a employee at a restaurant discreetly pointed out that my tag was hang on the backside of my dress. I was embarassed to say the least!

Hope you're doing great, hun!

xx Love & Aloha

danielle said...

classically fantastic and perfectly pretty. this is goody gum drops. love it!

Closet Fashionista said...

Love this outfit! :D :D so pretty, I love blue and nude together too :)

Sarah said...

I love this color combo too!!! You look amazing as always, LOVE your blog - always inspiring!!!


Kate said...

That last photo is so pretty!!

Unknown said...

ur too cute!

*kiss kiss*
Erika~Tiptoe Butterfly~

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Courtney Erin said...

I love the nude and navy combo - it's so classic and chic!

xoxo ~ Courtney

m_b said...

this is so spot on! i love the whole look! especially the little tie you did with the top. and your c's! :)

Lacee Swan said...

you look fabulous! LOVE!

Jamie said...

I love the idea of using your earring as a necklace charm!! This outfit is feminine and fun! Love it!


Balancing Lisa said...

so lovely!! You look beautiful!

Any chance you would guest post for me? Having spinal surgery on MONDAY and with a 5 week recovery looking for some extra content. Only catch is I'd need the post no later then tomorrow night and it would post at some point (I'd let you know the post date) in the next 5 weeks. Let me know.... lisafergus@yahoo.com


Cara said...

Such a pretty outfit, I love the length and color of your skirt and the sheer blouse is beautiufl...the necklace is the perfect accessory, and those shoes! So lovely. You look beautiful and chic, I love this look!
xo Cara

Baby Budget Blog said...

Very pretty!


Taylor said...

I too, love this combo! You look STUNNING!!! and ain't it amazing what mr Mirror can do for ya! ;)

Natalie said...

The navy & nude combo is soooo perfect! I had a bit of blog catching up to do and it's pretty much just a love fest of looks!! And can we talk about your new boudoir? AMAZING! You guys did such a wonderful job! I totally want to hang out in there, sip a cocktail and try on all your clothes, hee hee!! OXO N.

Beautygirl24 said...

So pretty and fresh! Nude and navy will always be a winning combo in my book, and you can wear it no matter what the season!

Marissa at Style Cusp said...

I never have ever thought to pair nude with navy - and if I ever have it was totally unintentional. But you've just sold me on the idea, and I love this look. I just bought a similar skirt from H&M and plan on trying this out soon :)


Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

Hahahha tag you're it! At least you weren't in public and sashaying around posing for the cam...Although it would totally look intentional ;D

Such a pretty, feminine look on you babe! Rare, but such a treat! That Chanel pendant is such a great idea! I can see you repurposing as some pretty fabu pins too!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Unknown said...

thats top is gorge x

Dea said...

Love this color combo, you look great!

KaNini's said...

Oh my, this is so lovely! You look absolutely adorable!

Unknown said...


When I saw the post title, I knew it would be a lovely look. What a perfect combo!!

Julie said...

Great combo and a nice change of pace to the neon and nude that has been everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Such a classy look...love it and the colors! And great idea for a 'new' necklace; I'm totally about to search through my collection and try something similar!

Ashley said...

one of my favorite color combo's- nice choice!

Peta said...

gorgeous and i love those shoes!

The Short Girl said...

Cute outfit, love your shoes and bag!

Diary of a Short Girl

Lisa said...

love your outfit nicole!! you're so parisian chic :) i love your vintage CC necklace it's so pretty!! i love that piece!

MF said...

this is such a great look!!!!!
you look gorgeous!

i just came across your blog. i think its great. i hope you will come visit mine and maybe we can follow eachother!


Miss Aggie Kwong said...

love this girly look! u look great here.

Find me on:
From Catwalk to Classroom.

lorenabr said...

Wonderful outfit!

taylor said...

love how you made the chanel earring into a necklace. great idea!

Katherine said...

wow I love this color combo ... nude + navy is genius and it looks sooo good on you! Am saving this outfit :)

la petite fashionista said...

such a pretty color combo w/ the sheer blouse. i've been tying up my shirt as you've done too. such a chic look!

this free bird said...

this is so pretty. easily one of my faves ever. xo-c

LyddieGal said...

Love this! the sweet simple color comob, and of course the knotted button down!

Chic on the Cheap

Lisa Lockhart said...

I think this is one of my fave outfit posts! Such a cute top.


Anonymous said...

Your ballerinas and necklace are to die for! Doesn't Chanel do fabulous costume jewelry?
Plus your swingy skirt has me obsessed- the way you paired it with the sheer top makes this an ideal summer outfit for me :)


rosarotlilablau said...

this look is so cute!


TheChambrayCountess said...

Love the color combo-- very proper-- and great way to make new jewelry! I am smitten with your PlaV shoes, too!

Audrey B said...

found you on Chictopia. Love your style :) www.casualglamorous.com

ASH said...

great hair mrs!

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