28 February 2011

Husband Stealer

Sweater w/Fur: Vintage, Shirt: Husband's, Jeans: Blank, Boots: Zara, Beanie: Husband's, Sunnies: Michael Kors, Watch: Gucci, Earrings: F21
There are times when I mosey into my closet and find myself standing and staring at the same boring things over and over again...and this morning was no exception. Sooooo, I decided to mosey myself into another direction and walked directly into the Mr.'s closet  (hmmm...what could I steal from him today? Boxers? Um. no. Dress pants? Not a chance. Flannel shirt & Beanie? Ahhhh yeah). I was all about comfort on this brisk day by the beach so those were the perfect option to be paired with Grandma's vintage fur sweater. There's something to be said about taking your husband's clothes and making them into your own (I smell a raid coming on...watch out hubs!).


Polly said...

Rocking jacket, you look pretty damn fabulous.

RosaLovesDC said...

That jacket is fabulous and you totally rock this look. I love that you were able to steal a shirt and the beanie from the hubs.

Anonymous said...

Love the fur and the boots. Makes a perfect outfit!

xo thefashionguitar

Closet Fashionista said...

Love this outfit! I want to go to the beach!!! :(

Leah said...

That fur is amazing! Great cozy look for the weekend.

xo L.

Jelena Zivanovic said...

i think u wear this shirt better than "him"!:DD u look awesome!!!:)

Diana Mieczan said...

I love wearing Balazs' tees. They are so comfy:) You look amazing, sweetie
Happy Monday

Balancing Lisa said...

How cute are you?! I love this look! You've inspired me to raid my hubby closet!


little luxury list said...

Loving the combo! Hmm need to head to my husband's closet more too!

Taylor said...

i stole a flannel shirt a couple weeks ago and never gave it back!!! i may have accidentally shrunk it in the dryer as well! whoops!

Unknown said...

LOVE what you stole ;) & your boots are exactly what I've been looking for :)

I'd love for you to enter my giveaway!

Sabby V said...

My husband almost has the same shirt, and I may need to borrow it too:)
Great post!

Anonymous said...

Very fun look!


Unknown said...

loven' the look - i steal my boyfriends stuff all the time :o) ..

Unknown said...

PS - i just realized i wasn't a 'follower' - but i fixed that - and now i'm ur newest follower :o)

Unknown said...

Love the outfit and that jacket is great! So perfect for the weather! Hope you're having a happy monday!

xo Mary Jo

Alicia Lund said...

Love the Mr's flannel shirt that you're wearing! I always borrow / steal from my guy as well... can't wait to share a closet with him soon! ha!

NRC♥ said...

Love the flannel shirt, I always steal from my guy too and my dad and my brothers lol!

Anonymous said...

i like to wear my husband's shirts too! also love your sunnies :)


Natalie said...

Love these pics Nicole! Looks like such a gorgeous day! I want to be flocking on that beach too! OXO

Couture Carrie said...

Hi gorgeous!
Love that sweater!


Anonymous said...

Amazing! Lol, yes it's the best finding stuff from their closet. Love the whole outfit. I would've never known the flannel and beanie were his.

Love the jacket by the way!

Happy Monday!


DediLovesFashion said...

love this look. =)

Freya said...

You rock that shirt and beanie, you need to go raid his wardrobe more often!
Love your outfit today! :)
And thanks for the comment!



Simply Bubblelicious said...

Looking good in the hubs clothing! Nice steal.

this free bird said...

okay woman it was totally the weekend for fur and you killed it. i need to find a big a** black fur vest. and now i have to bolt because we're on the run for wings and beer on chef's big day. i'l be the one w/the sauce on my shirt. argh


Daniela said...

love the fur!!

Catita said...

those jeans are great!! well paired as well with the rest ;)

HiFashion said...

The check shirt loks really cool. I love the colours. And the beanie looks fab.

Unknown said...

Casual and cool!

Lila said...

fabulous! Snow finally melted but dreaming of days on the beach.

TheChambrayCountess said...

I am jealous of the cute, comfy outfit and the beach setting!

Lisa Lockhart said...

Cute as usually, you have the best style!


Marcy said...

Cute look did your husband think you were crazy wearing his clothes?


Ashley Lauren said...

Girl I love this post!!! I'm thinking about doing a post on men's clothing in general for us fab ladies to rock! Sometimes they truly have the best stuff! You look fab as usual!! Have a wonderful week my love! xoxo

Valerie said...

Such a great idea to raid the husband's closet! I love belting Gabe's button down shirts and wearing them as shirt-dresses. It's so comfy. Your grandma's fur is spectacular too. It's been so cold lately, the fur is almost necessary.

Annie said...

LOVE It! You look awesome! The last pic is my favorite.

Fashion Mom said...

i love love that fur coat x

danielle said...

I love this outfit! Those boots are awesome!

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