23 March 2016

Looking Ahead

Zara Top  //  Levi's Shorts  //  Heels thanks to Pour La Victoire 

It's hot. It's cold. 
Mother nature is certainly not sure what she wants.
One thing is for sure, I'm ready for shorts, dresses 
and sandals. Who's with me?! Ok, I know my legs aren't exactly 
 ready for Spring but its nothing a little self tanner
can't fix! 

These heeled sandals are a new addition and I couldn't wait to
wear them! They will be a staple all spring and summer long.


Live-Style20 said...

so amazing look ; -0))))

i invite to me too


Natali said...

You look like a supermodel! Superb shoes! :)


Monika Wlodarczyk said...

Love this shirt!

Lindsey Simon said...

Love that off the shoulder top! Beautiful pictures!


Alyson Seligman said...

Simple yet totally chic -- those heels are amazing for summer!


Awais Ahmed said...

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Maria said...

magnificent style and shoes.

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Anna Tores said...

This was actually what i was looking for, and i am glad to came here! Thank you very much..


Masud Rana said...

looking amazing

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Nguyễn Liên said...

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Savitha said...

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