03 October 2014

Leather + Silk

Everlane Shirt  //  Zara Shorts (smiliar here and here)  //  Lamb Heels  //  Bag thanks to Lauren Merkin  //  Celine Shades

Another weekend is upon us! It's amazing how fast the weeks and
weekends go, isn't it?! You may have seen this sneak peek on insta, but
 this was a date night look that I pulled together! I'm a sucker for a good basic
silk button up. I must have at least 8 in my closet that I rotate over and over!
Can't get enough. Another basic must have? A black bag! This one was
just the perfect addition to my outfit.

On another note, I'm so ready for Fall and we are getting triple digit
temps this weekend! I guess summer isn't ready to make its exit.
So with that, I embrace the heat and wear my summer clothes just
a tad bit longer!

Happy weekend.


Unknown said...

You look gorgeous!! Love this outfit! Awesome combinations! And these shoes are just amazing! Thank you for sharing this great post!

Tenancy cleaning Tooting

Ellen Ross | Ask Away Blog said...

Don't you just love Zara!??!
XO Ellen from Ask Away Blog

Anonymous said...

THE SILK SHIRT. I couldn't agree more. It's the best, best best basic piece ever.