22 May 2014

Real Talk

I pinned this on my Pinterest and immediately felt at ease after reading it.
If you are a "blogger" than you can relate to the pressure that we put on 
ourselves to continuously put content out on the interwebs day after day,
week after week.  No one is pressuring us but ourselves and the question remains, 
why do we do this? Guilt? Fear? And even if you aren't a blogger but just someone in 
general who constantly feels like they have to keep up with everything you have 
going on, then this totally makes sense. 

I rarely ever get deep or personal but sometimes its cathartic to be honest with
your feelings and with all of you. I'm used to having it all together and controlling
all aspects of my life (blog life, work life, home life, real life) for the most part,
 but since I've been pregnant that has gone out the window. I'm convinced it's the 
universe's way of teaching me to go with the flow, relax and take it easy. With just 
9 very short weeks left, I have finally stepped back and realized that I can't 
do it all....and that's ok. 

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RosaLovesDC said...

Girl, I'm with you. It took me a long break from blogging to realize that it's impossible to keep up and that I don't have to. And like you said, this doesn't only apply to blogging, it applies to everything else. It's ok to let go of control sometimes.
And oh God, time flies to quickly, I can't believe your little one will be here in less than 2 months.

Unknown said...

I could not agree more! Reading this was a great way to start the day!


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

omg just 9 weeks left?! Crazy!

Indeed, the pressure we put on ourselves...whether blogging or otherwise can be intense. I'm like you where I tend to want to control what I can when I can so when I don't have control, it's very unnerving. It's definitely a stress factor. I'm definitely a worry wart too! But, you're right...there will be times when things can't be controlled and I imagine with pregnancy, that can be especially true. Thanks for this thoughtful post!



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