05 June 2013


Tee: Husband's similar here and here //  Overalls: here and here  //  Sandals: Givenchy  //  Necklace: Oia Jules  //  Bag: Alexander Wang  //  Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Seriously guys, I was the queen of overalls in the 90's. I used
to wear one strap down or both down with a belt and I loved
every minute of it! So naturally, I am in love with these and haven't
taken them off in days. I realize they make me look 12 but I'm 
totally cool with it.....overalls or BUST!
And....my husband definitely came home from work, saw me
in my overalls and then asked me how my day at school
was. errrr. Oh and then realized I stole his favorite shirt. 
Sharing is caring! Boom.


Becky Nally said...

I dug out an old box of clothes the other day and my light denim overalls were right there on top! Gotta love the 90's. Might have to make them into cutoffs though. These look great on you!


Christina Storm said...

LOVE this look! So chic.
That Alexander Wang bag is gorgeous in that color. Love your style :)

The Style Storm
xo, Christina

Luci {Lucis Morsels} said...

You crack me up! I can always count on you for a little giggle in the morning!

Luci’s Morsels – fashion. food. frivolity.

Marissa at Style Cusp said...

Girlfriend, you can totally rock those overalls! If there's anyone I know who can, it's you. You look fabulous!

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

call me cray - but i've been wearing overalls for um ever - i totally did the 90's thing - but i've worn them i think almost every year at least once - BOOM they are GOOD NEWS!

Hiding In Heaven said...

LOVE them ! and your bag is amazing in that color...


Kodi Jensen said...

I love that you mix your husband's pieces into your looks sometimes -- I love to wear my husband's t shirts around the house, but he's too much bigger than me to really make something work for real life!
grey et al

Regina said...

Those overalls are awesome loveee it!


Nancy said...

LOVE this so much!


Life's a shoe said...

nice overalls!

Madeline Veloria said...

Loving the shade of denim and the distressed look of these overalls...too cool for school :P

Veloria in velvet

Cara said...

Super cute!
xo Cara