18 April 2013

Treasured Piece

Top: Shop Frankie's, Pants: YSL, Heels: Zara, Clutch: Celine, Earrings: old love these!, Sunnies: Ray Ban

There are a few pieces in my closet that I treasure dearly and
that carry some serious sentimental value. These pants definitely
fall right into that category! They were given to me 15 years ago from
a very special woman by the name of Theresa who took care of me when I was little.
And um, let me just tell you people....she had a collection of clothes, designer
shoes (especially Ferragamo) and bags that would make you go weak at the knees!

When she passed away, her husband gave me these pants and her favorite gold
bracelet as a gift to remember her by. Although I don't wear these pants too often,
when I do wear them I am instantly reminded of her and how she wore them with such
grace 20 years ago and I can't help but feel a little nostalgic. I can only hope I wear them
as well as she did!

I don't usually get sappy but its always nice to hear the
stories behind old vintage pieces, so I thought I would share mine!

Do you have any stories of treasured pieces you have?
Please share!



Live-Style20 said...

great ;]]

i invite to me too


Closet Fashionista said...

Wow, such a lovely story about the pants!
I have a couple things like that. The two rings I wear every day were my mom's when she was younger. I also have some sweaters my Grandmother knitted (she passed away 12 years ago)

The Style Storm said...

Absolutely love this look!!! So great, love the pop of red. You have amazing style!

The Style Storm
xo, Christina

Heidi said...

Such a sweet story, and they look amazing! Love the flow they create, great look. -Heidi

christin said...

i wish i did :(

Kimberly said...

I love clothing like this that has a story behind it and those pants are simply gorgeous on you!


Annick said...

Aww that's such a sweet story. I have a ring my mother gave me that I have the same sentimental value towards. She really liked the ring, but thought I would like it more since she never wore it.

Love the bright pumps with the white trousers :)

Bold Subtlety

Anonymous said...

Amazing story and a great summer piece! Looking great as always Xoxo

Crystalin said...

Absolutely love this combination. And what a beautiful story :)

DC in STYLE said...

Wow, this skirt is incredible and you wear it beautifully!!!!

Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous pants, made even more beautiful by the meaning behind them. Your look is very chic and easy. Love it!

Audrey B said...

Love the story behind those pants...it makes them even more beautiful. Love this look my friend! XO

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post and a lovely pair of pants! Many nostalgic pieces are jewelry and other accessories, so it's fun to see an piece of clothing in the mix.

Trendy Mondays - your online destination for Indie European designs.

Unknown said...

Those pants are amazinggg!!


LiveItLoveItBuyIt said...

Those pants are FANTASTIC. You wear them beautifully - LOVE the modern touch of pairing them with chambray.

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

That's an amazing pair of pants. It's even more special since it holds such sentimental value. =)


Anonymous said...

oh my gawd. these pants are what dreams are made of. i need to borrow them! ;)

Unknown said...

This outfit is perfection! Love the classic denim and white!

Annie said...

what a beautiful story for such beautiful pants! Love them on you! XO

Unknown said...

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