21 March 2013

Pieces of Me

Some of my favorite gold rings especially this one + a garnet bracelet from my mom

  new Zara beauties!

Net-a-porter "The Edit" Mag + the cutest Mini Emergency Kit

I had the pleasure of styling a table setting and writing for the Spring issue of Souvenir Magazine!
You can find the rest of the editorial here....


Live-Style20 said...

cute = D|D
i invite to me too


Closet Fashionista said...

All your rings are so pretty! And yay for net-a-porter's Edit! I always love getting my copy! :D

Unknown said...

Love the plates you used for the magazine! Can't wait to see you wear those shoes, love them!

Unknown said...

Love your new shoes! And congrats on the table styling you did!!!

Annie said...

Love this list! Those shoes are soo hot. And I adore the table setting. What a fun editorial! Figures that if you dress yourself so well, you would do equally awesome "dressing" a table ;) xo

Unknown said...

Love love that place setting! I love your pieces of me posts, they are my favorite Nicole!