07 February 2013

The Scoop: Skin & Hair Routine

I've gotten quite a few emails about what I use to style my hair 
so I thought it would be fun to take you through my whole beauty 
routine (pre-makeup of course)! 

My #1 shining "star" tool is the Hot Air Brush. I seriously do not have 
enough amazing things to say about it! My hair is wavy but fine so I'm 
not sure about you ladies that have those seriously thick mane's! 
But, it's a straight up game changer.

The other shining star product is the PCA Rebalance cream. I have sensitive
skin and am prone to break-outs and this cream is so light it goes right in!
Perfect for those with easily irritated skin.

What are some of your "must try" products?
Do Tell!


Mlle W said...

I got the Clarisonic Mia after so many raves from American peeps, love it, it makes my skin feel so clean. I need to try to get your curler device 'cause curls and my hair don't go easily and I want to create them sometimes

christin said...

if you dont have a clairsonic you're basically living in a cave. is what i actually just said to my boyfriend when he said "you have that!".

Unknown said...

i have SUPER FINE/THIN hair - bummer all the way - latley i've just been doing the 'air dry' thing and i get the natural curl/messy look ...

Unknown said...

i seriously need to get on the clarisonic train! been trying every nighttime lotion out there this winter, have yet to try the PCA one, next on the list! thanks for sharing the routine lady!


Audrey B said...

I'm obsessed with Egyptian Magic. Much to my husband's dismay, I slather it all over my face every night before bed :)

lizziedee said...

I have very thin, fine hair and use a hot air brush, too - have for years. I love it! I am seriously inept at using a round brush and the blow dryer at the same time, so the hot air brush is an amazing find! Now my hair dresser recommends it to other women because of my rave reviews. :)

Kelsey Nicole said...

I got the Mia for Christmas - life. changing. I want to try Egyptian Magic - I keep hearing such great things!

Annie said...

You know how much I love this post :) I LOVE hearing what people use in their beauty routine!! The Egyptian Magic is definitely a winner ;) XOXO