09 January 2013

Just Like New

Vest: Vintage, Shirt: Equipment, Skirt: old, Boots: Ash, Bag: Zara, Sunnies: Celine

Yesterday turned out to be a warm day so the bare legs
came out to party! I did a bit of digging in my closet
over the holidays and found this skirt. Always fun to
find really old pieces and make them feel like new!

I must say I definitely have a hard time purging my closet because I
always find a way to justify why I will wear every single item!
Apparently I have attachment issues.
I'm not proud of it.


Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

LOVE this look babe! the skirt is fabulous and looks amazing with those boots!


Fashion Fractions

Closet Fashionista said...

Yay for finding awesome skirts in your closet ! Ha ha :D I love the layering of this look :)
(I always have trouble getting rid of stuff too)

Laura said...

This is fantastic! Great styling.


Live-Style20 said...


new post


christin said...

I throw too much away, like an asshat. So I think you're winning.

The Fancy Teacup said...

Super cute look- love how you styled the vintage vest!


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I have the opposite problem... I throw away things ALL THE TIME and then, months later, I think, "Hmm, where is that cute top.." Whoops :(

Loving this outfit, though! You always manage to look chic :)


Styleclouds said...

The skirt is beautiful! xo, Christina


Amalia Athanaeleas said...

LOL I have purging issues too... I hold on to everything, it's horrible. But moments like this justify the habit. Such a great look, and I'd rather get more wear out of an item than spend money on something new!

Unknown said...

that bag and shirt are a MUST have in my closet! love how your rocking the boots with that fun skirt!!


Unknown said...

girl - i can't purge my closet to save the life of me - i tried for Hurricane Sandy - i did give a few bags away - but i could of done SO much more - like u, i always find a reason to keep

Heather Cavanaugh said...

I love the print of this skirt. Sometimes holding onto things can be a blessing...like this skirt. Love the layers of this look as well.


Erin said...

I love how the vest and skirt look together! And the boots are gorgeous.


Audrey B said...

I love when I'm able to re-work old pieces in my closet. Looking fab as always! xx

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

lol I have a similar issue when it comes to purging my closet. I want to "get rid" of several items but then I always find a reason to keep them and try to wear them. It's tough!

Love this look. The vintage vest is awesome and looks great with the print of the skirt!



Jen said...

You're so impossibly chic, Nicole :) Would never have known that skirt was old... the print looks so current and on trend! Also, I rarely ever see skirt and boot combos I like for some reason but this is definitely one that I LOVE. The proportions are so elegant and the whole look is very well styled!

Hope you've been doing well lovely!

Anonymous said...

Love this! Those boots and bag are fab.