11 December 2012

Gift Guide: Home for the Holidays

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I'm a big fan of giving gifts for one's home
for the holidays especially since there are some seriously fun and unique
gifts out there! And as if you couldn't tell, I'm having a love affair with gold accents 
as of late and I am absolutely loving these water glasses and coasters!
Think it's time to change the glassware in my house. :)

P.S. How cool is this cheese board?
Love it!



Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh! I love those coasters and the glasses!! :D Great picks!

Styleclouds said...

The glasses are beautiful! xo Christina


Unknown said...

LOVE the wishbone! and agree with the cutting board! - i LOVE home decor items as gifts!

Taylor said...

You can gift me ANY OF THESE!!! those water glasses, die, so cute!!!

christin said...

i want all of this.

Cara said...

Love the wishbone and delicate glasses!
xo Cara

Heidi said...

Those coasters are so cool! -Heidi http://fabricandfrosting.blogspot.no/

Unknown said...

LOVING those coasters! how adorb!


Unknown said...

Those gold rimmed glasses...i've been eying them for a while. Boo hoo! I want. XO your newest follower

joni said...

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