20 November 2012

FHF x The Zoe Report: Dior Inspired DIY Necklace


 If you didn't catch The Zoe Report yesterday, I was so excited to partner up with them for this fun Dior inspired DIY! I have been drooling over it ever since I saw it in the Fall 2012 RTW collection but it has a serious price tag of $2,700! Do you know how many pairs of shoes you can buy with that kind of coin?! So naturally I opted to spend $45 on supplies and got my DIY on! 

What you'll need:  
2ft. Velvet Cord, 2 ft. Cotton Spiral Cord (both cords were purchased at Joann Fabrics!), E6000 GlueSuper Glue Gel, Needle & Thread, 3 Teardrop Stones, 2  Metal Barrel's, 1 Magnetic Clasp, 1 Sheet of Felt

Begin by measuring both cords around each stone using the needle to hold them in place. Next, measure a square around the stone making sure to leave enough room on all sides. Cut out your square and apply the E6000 glue to your stone and adhere it to the felt. Repeat 3 times.

 Measure velvet cord around the stone and cut. Apply E6000 glue directly on felt and adhere velvet cord. Repeat with spiral cord leaving end on the outside of stone (see bottom right). You will repeat this process on one other square, reversing the spiral cord end to the opposite side. Leave to dry.

For the middle stone, adhere velvet cord to felt and criss cross cord at the point. Repeat with Spiral cord. Leave to dry. 

Once they have dried, cut felt around each stone. Place all 3 stones together leaving the middle stone hanging lower. Adhere them together using super glue and leave to dry. Next using E6000 glue, adhere each cord together and press firmly. Leave to dry.  

 Using needle and thread, make a few stitches along each side to ensure cord is secured tightly together.  Measure cord to desired length and stitch end of cord tightly together. Slide metal barrel on each side. Next, apply super glue in each side of clasp. 

After glue is applied, set cord in. You can use tool to push loose strings in. Repeat on other side. Allow necklace to dry overnight.

Annnnnnd scene! 


Closet Fashionista said...

Wow it came out so great! YAY for being on The Zoe Report! :D

The Style Storm said...

That looks amazing! Such a great idea! I need to try!

The Style Storm

xo, Christina

Heidi said...

Amazing! This is such a great diy. -Heidi http://fabricandfrosting.blogspot.no/

Courtney Erin said...

Wow, it looks perfect! You're a pretty crafty lady (I, sadly, am not).

Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

Unknown said...

Such a fabulous idea and it looks expensive! love

Unknown said...

Wow! It looks amazing and store bought! Nicely done!

jenn~the stylish housewife said...

YAY! i was so excited when i saw you on TZR yesterday! i can only dream to be this crafty...great job girl! and congrats on the feature!

xoxo, jenn
the stylish housewife

Kate Greer said...

Love the DIY necklace!

christin said...

aaaaaammmmmmaaaaazzzzzziiiiiinnngggggg (imagine me singing that, because i just did)!

Amanda English said...


Megan, TfDiaries.com said...

YES! This is awesome
Xo Megan, www.TfDiaries.com


Wow, this DIY is awesome! I love the result, looks stunning!

'The Wind of Inspiration' blog

Beautygirl24 said...

Gorgeous! I would never guess the necklace isn't designer! Great DIY!

Grace (The Stripe) said...

This turned out so well! LOVE!!

Styleclouds said...

The necklace looks amazing!! Great DIY! xo, Christina


Leah said...

How in the world did you come up with this?! Nice work Nicole.

Taylor said...

HOLY SHIZZZZZ girl, how did A- I miss this, and B- How did I miss this!!! You ROCK!!! xoxo- gchat/texty date soon!!! Happy almost turkey day love!

this free bird said...

'm so friggin' proud of you. Total old bag comment, but so true. Get it!

this free bird said...

So old, in fact, I've forgotten how to spell I'm? smh

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

This was such a GREAT DIY!
I loved seeing it in my Rachel Zoe newsletter in my email! =D


Shoegal Out In The World said...

Saw your DIY necklace project yesterday in Rachel's Zoe newsletter... Really liked it...

xo, Violeta


The Key To Chic said...

Wow, this is amazing, and I adore how you thought of it in terms of how many shoes! I can relate! Hope to see more DIY projects in the future! You've got major skills!!!!!

Polly said...

You are such a clever chicken

Balancing Lisa said...

I can't believe you made this!! It turned out amazing! xo

Unknown said...

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peter parker said...

I just love this FHFXZoe Report Dior Inspired DIY! It's creative and unique, and I can tell that a lot of effort was put into it. ipvanish promo code It's amazing how the design captures the essence of the original Dior piece while still being its own individual masterpiece. Great job.