04 January 2016

Over The Knee

H&M Jacket  //  DL1961 Denim  //  Joie Boots  //  Givenchy Bag  //  Celine Sunglasses

HOLY MOLY. It's 2016. 
Don't you feel like the years go by faster and faster the older you get?!
Well…I really took advantage of my old lady status (aka exhausted parent status) 
and my year has started off fantastic! Why you ask? Even if you didn't i'm gonna tell 
you anyway. I literally slothed around for 3 days in my jammies and watched Hallmark 
movies, ate, and laid like broccoli.  It's safe to say I reached my sloth quota for the entire 
year. Now I am ready to kick some 2016 ass! 


Natali said...

Amazing style girl, daytime perfection!


hannah frankel said...

I'm obsessed with that jacket! Love how it completely amps up the entire outfit! XX


Live-Style20 said...

so pretty !!


new post


Hoàng Khánh said...

One word to say: PERFECT!

You girl look stylish and modern in this trendy outfit.

Happy New Yeat and All the best to you,

Best wishes from Lien,
Lien's Corner Fashion and Travel Blog

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