05 October 2015

Sweater Weather

F21 Sweater  //  Mother Denim  //  Chanel Bag  //  Booties  //  Celine Sunglasses

I tricked myself over the weekend into thinking that Fall weather had arrived. Let me just  tell you how that went….I lasted 10 freaking minutes and then I had to put shorts on! But it did feel nice to put on a cozy sweater and pants. 

You won't believe what happened next….it straight up rained the day after i wore this. I mean….( I don't want to brag but) I'm pretty sure I had a lot to do with it. Just saying. 

Hope you all have a very happy manic Monday!


Natali said...

Fantastic sweater! Perfectly comfy and cozy outfit for a colder Autumn day.


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