03 September 2015

No Kid Hungry

Disclaimer: I am taking an intermission from my normal posts to get real for a second. 
You Ready?

16 million children in the United States struggle with hunger. 
I don't know about you but I had NO idea that many children were 
affected by hunger. That is an absolute staggering number! The thought
is sickening and since becoming a mother it is an even harder pill to swallow.

Yesterday I had the absolute honor and pleasure of learning all about this amazing No Kid Hungry campaign and it's fight to end childhood hunger at an event produced by Good Carma Studio. Pretty sure I had my jaw on the floor while hearing the the hostess Dawn McCoy and NKH director share all of the information. I had no idea how much this would affect me but then again, motherhood tends to make you far more emotional and sensitive especially when it has to do with other children!

Please join myself and #NoKidHungry in the fight to end childhood hunger.
Head over to NoKidHungry.org to learn more!