19 December 2014


Blank NYC Jacket  //  Anine Bing Shirt  //  Zara Jeans  //  Anine Bing Boots  //  Ray Ban Sunnies

When I find pieces that I LOVE I tend to wear them incessantly (well that is
until they need to be washed).  This has become my official uniform for the last
2 weeks and I may or may not have worn this exact outfit multiple days in a row.
NO shame. It's comfortable, casual and so me. And let's be honest, some days I'm
lucky if I brush my hair so finding something that makes me feel like I've gotten
"dressed" for the day is a major plus!

I can't believe we are nearing close to Christmas! I have to admit that I still need to finish
 my shopping but this year has been so different with the little man around. I'm more
excited for him to see how we spend the holiday with family and share our
special traditions with him! Isn't that what it's all about anyway? Jeez, these
hormones have turned me into a major sap!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!



Jessie said...

love the jacket and boots! =)


Unknown said...

Those jeans and boots are perfection. xo

The Style Record

Jeanne said...

Stunning post and pictures!

Jeanne said...

Stunning post and pictures!

Carolina Filipe said...

so casual yet so stylish

Lila said...

Great outfit...I would wear it many days in a row as long as no one caught me...no shame.

candy lol said...

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