10 January 2014

Leopard Bomber

Shop Frankie's Bomber Jacket   //  NYParisLondon Tee  //  Jeans (similar pairs below)  //  Chanel Boy Bag  //  Rowley Eyewear

 First of all….
Freaking obsessed with this leopard bomber.
Not much else to say besides it's rad as hell and 
it WILL be on the repeat offenders list. That's all.

On another note, I have gotten countless emails
about these jeans since this post! Let me tell you a little fun story. 
I got these gems on a quick shopping trip to Nordstrom Rack. Literally
it was an in and out kind of trip. It was mobbed with people and
I was starting to lose my shit in the midst of all the chaos. On my way
out, these jeans were just waiting on a corner rack and they just happened
to be my size. Totally fate. Oh and I should also mention that they were $19.00.
And that is my fun little story. Don't you feel so much better knowing that now?
I knew it! And for all those that ask, the brand is Vigoss

Happy weekend! xo


Live-Style20 said...




Ellen Ross | Ask Away Blog said...

I love that jacket. It even makes a simple tee shirt look so much more dressed up!

Lacee Swan said...

those bell bottoms look fabulous on you!

Unknown said...

obsessed with this entire outfit! the bell bottoms, chanel bag & blazer are just perfect! xx


Closet Fashionista said...

That jacket is gorgeous! So much fun! And those jeans look so amazing on you, what a perfect fit! A steal too..so jealous

Cara said...

That Bag!!! Gorgeous with this look, love the wide leg denim
xo cara

Unknown said...

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