12 November 2013

Color Love: Black. White. Red.

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I always love a good chic outfit that
includes black, white and red. I mean,
how could you not love these classic colors 
together? And if you don't, we can't be friends.
Just kidding. Sort of.


Live-Style20 said...

lovely!! ;-))

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Katerina said...

I'm so into total black outfits lately, I wear a similar lipstick to add some color. I liked your choices..


District Sparkle said...

Drooling over that Madewell tote. So perfect for this time of year!

xx Meaghan

Stylishly in love said...

Great picks for showing fall trends.

Hope you had a great weekend.



Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more! Despite always telling myself to purchase more bold colours, I always end up taking home all black and white items. But nothing a pop of red accessories or lipstick can't fix :)

Heidi said...

Always love these colors together. xo Heidi http://fabricandfrosting.blogspot.no/