23 October 2013

Color Love: Wine

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Red red wine you make me feel so fine.
Sorry I had to.
I know this color has different names...
burgundy, oxblood, maroon + more, but I'm feeling
the wine vibe. You know what else? I am a smitten kitten 
for these loafers

{image via}


Live-Style20 said...

pretty !! ;-))0

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Life's a shoe said...

love this color!


Closet Fashionista said...

Yes to all! I love that inspiration photo - just bought a burgundy cashmere sweater, can't wait for it to arrive!

Cara said...

Oh I would take that cozy sweater right away!
xo Cara

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

Before you even mentioned it in the post, I was going to write how I love the word "wine" to describe the color. It's so sophisticated. =D It's a beautiful color that deserves a beautiful reference. hehe


Love and Ace said...

As a lover of red wine - i agree wine is the perfect name for this this! obsessed with those slippers! xx Kat


Secondhand Stella said...

Yes, those loafers are awesome! I have a similar color sweater I am thinking of pairing with skinny camo pants... we will see :)

Annie Chang said...

fabulous pieces!


Unknown said...

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