16 May 2013

Color Love: Gray Days

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Love me some gray!
And now I ask you all the question I asked
my peeps on twitter last night. How do you like
to spell this color.....GRAY OR GREY?
Do tell!


Closet Fashionista said...

I spell it grey, because I like how it looks better, ha ha. And I love skirt number 7! :)

Anonymous said...

Always a fan of gray...more laid back than black! I love these pieces that you pulled, Nicole!

knocked up fabulous

Anonymous said...

The Topshop grey marle dress is amaze - adding it to my wish list as I type..!

P.S. I spell it grey too.



Annick said...

Plomo has my attention now! Geesh, every time anyone posts their shoes
I'm all over it!

Bold Subtlety

Unknown said...

yes! i seriously have a grey and white obsession. forget black for me, it doesn't look great on me, but grey or white in anything? want!


Mary-Katherine said...

i usually go with grey!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

oh love that skirt...#7..such pretty colors!

Unknown said...

Grey (spelled with an E, despite the fact that spellcheck doesn't seem to like it that way) is one of my favorites. Not quite as formal as black, and not as pristine as white, like the laid back and carefree middle child of neutrals. Love those sunglasses especially!

Verde PR said...

gray! x

dipped in yellow