29 January 2013

Pieces of me: Instagram Edition

Delicious macaron and raspberry sandwiches (I'm sure there is a fancier name but I like mine better. Ha!)
from Bottega Louie

My favorite sweater from Shop Frankie's and the outfit from this post.

An incredible sunset by the lake.

So, what would you do?

Way up in the sky looking at this view. Nuff Said.

Brunch at The Penthouse. Every time I eat there I want to move in! Obsessed with the decor.

new favorite necklace...such a thoughtful gift from my sister.


Luxx Mint said...

I love beach views, waking up to that view would make me very happy!

Love these posts.

Luxx Mint

Live-Style20 said...

sweet ::))

new post


Closet Fashionista said...

That necklace is so lovely! Annnd I want those macaron sandwiches (even though I don't even like raspberry, haha)

drew elizabeth said...

Great photos! I love that necklace...

Regina said...

Hi Nicole! Amazing photos love your style hun :)


christin said...

i want to eat that sandwich of goodness.

Unknown said...

<3 heart instagram!

Unknown said...

seriously lusting over that anything is possible necklace! it's just SO lovely!


Natalie said...

Love the necklace! So sweet and uplifting!! Just catching up on your world and it's making me happy to see your pretty face! Hope your year is off to a fab start my sweet! xx

Annie said...

Such fun shots! What a perfect, perfect necklace ;)

Unknown said...

where did she get that necklace??

Unknown said...

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