14 June 2011

Workable Maxi

Vest: Old Navy, Dress: Topshop, Shoes: San Edelman, Hat & Necklace: H&M, Bag: Foley + Corinna, Bracelets: Ettika, Vintage

Before boudoir transformation 2011 (see yesterday's post), the hubs and I headed out to have brunch at one of our favorite spots. Since the sun was too shy to show it's face I went with a long sleeve maxi and my trusty ole' panama hat which covers a multitude of sins! Bed head anyone? I just adore the low back on this maxi dress, it's total business in the front and all party in the back. And might I add it made for the most comfortably chic working outfit!


feH said...

So cute!
I love the things you are wearing :D


RosaLovesDC said...

Love it! A great brunch before all the work you were about to put into that amazing closet sounds like a great idea.

Cassie Lee said...

I have never seen a maxi dress with 1. a low back, 2. long sleeves! You look awesome and I need to tell you again how much I love your new closet-room!

Polly said...

Fabulous fabulous dress. I love this outfit. So perfect for inbetween days.

Sheree said...

I am definitely all about the back..nice!

The Fancy Teacup said...

The low back detail on the dress is smoldering hot. The crochet vest makes a lovely, dainty addition.

♥, Jamie

Lynzy said...

ABSOLOLUTELY in love with this outfit. I love how you have a bit of shoulder out in the back. You look chic with the summer hat and the turquoise necklace. Overall, very much in love with your outfit...pinning you to my pinterest ;)

xo Lynzy

MerciBlahBlah said...

I LOVE your detail shots in this post. That second photo of your hurr and necklace? Dreamy. And then, AND THENNNNN the back, and that vest over the low back? I gasped aloud, I tell you! This outfit is perfection.


Nic said...

i love maxi dresses and you look great in yours :-) love the turquoise necklace as well.


Leah said...

Loving the oversized turquoise necklace! That pop is colour is great with the black maxi.

xo L.

Erika said...

Gah, I just love the way that vest looks styled over that max - gorgeous! You always look so incredible! :)

Courtney Erin said...

Awesome dress - I love the back! And it looks amazing when paired with the turquoise necklace.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Lee Oliveira said...

Very nice all together.. love your hate and what a great smile.
lee x

Anonymous said...

I know!! What is up with this weather!!!

Seriously, you look amazing and that necklace is gorgeous (as I've said it before) :)


Lisa Fergus said...



Annie said...

so cute!! love it from the back too! xo

Baby Budget Blog said...

Really love the back and that necklace! Great outfit!!


Cara said...

What a great maxi, and I love the knit vest you layered over top...you look amazing in that panama hat too...love the whole look!
xo Cara

Anonymous said...

Another amazing outfit! Love the detail on the vest and the dress in the back, what a fun, unexpected surprise.

Anna Jane said...

ohhh, you have the H&M necklace! I can't seem to find it anywhere but now you are really making me want it ;)

Fashionable Rose said...

wow love the dress!! the back is so cool! and i love the fact that you are wearing the cardi on top!

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

super cute and i have all of that in my closet - gonna play COPY CAT soon!

Sarah said...

I have that necklace, it looks amazing. Your hat is fabulous on you. I absolutely love hats for covering bed head =). Amazing back on the maxi too.

Romance In A Glance said...

That necklace looks great with that dress and the back looks great!

le sorelle said...

I love this look - that maxi is awesome! Love how you've covered up with a sweater, too. I have that same necklace! I don't know.. I'd say you wore it better ;)

sorelle in style

Beautygirl24 said...

You look fabulous Frankie! I love the necklace ;)

Julie Khuu said...

wow, that's an H&M necklace?? Looks so expensive :D Loving the casual look today...that back cutout is tres sexy babe!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

I love that maxi with the vest! And the hat and the bag just make the whole outfit, so chic!

xo Mary Jo

PriscilaPetersDecor said...

This past weekend I was in my maxi mood.
This is cute!

KaNini's said...

STUNNING! I have the same necklace, but I love how you styled it! You look absolutely awesome!

Lisa said...

love your maxi nicole you look so effortlessly chic!! and i love that H&M turquoise necklace!!!

Carly said...

OK...now I am EVEN more jealous...I had that ON crochet vest and pulled it on a piece of jewelry so I had to toss it but it was HANDS DOWN one of my favorite layering pieces of all time. Sometimes, I jsut totally score at ON.
YOu look beautiful as always...love the fedora.

Catita said...

This is a perfect outfit!!! The open back covered by the vest is so sexy!!

Mo Pie, Please said...

As always, super cute! I love your statement necklace!!

Helena @ BrooklynBlonde said...

this is gorgeous and that necklace.... cannot believe it's h&m!

Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh I love that maxi! Perfect for those chilly summer days or nights :D

KT said...

I love this dress - especially the surprising missing back. The vest works perfectly with it. - Katy

Sherry said...

Wow, that is one smokin' dress!!! Love your bag too! :)


Kavery said...

Ooh I love the surprise out back and your statement necklace too

TheChambrayCountess said...

That is a FANTASTIC dress. If at any point in the future you consider getting rid of it... don't! Great outfit, as always :)

Danielle said...

Love. Such a great dress!

Linh said...

Sigh...love that necklace and it's in my favorite color!!!

Ashley said...

That hat and necklace are great!

Shasie said...

This look is too fab girl! I love that necklace! Man turquoise is a HOT accessory! Loving the long sleeve maxi, I will have to invest in one for the colder months here in Houston

Live Life in Style

DziewczynaKomornika said...

I like your a hat:)


Lareina Ivens said...

Love the turquoise necklace very much

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