12 January 2011

Miss T

There are many things in my closet that have their own story...and these vintage Ferragamo boots are no exception. These boots have traveled to South America, walked the streets of New York, gotten caught in the rain (that mother nature can be a real biatch sometimes!), been in awkward situations (ok, I was the one in the awkward sitch, but they were there to accompany me!), have met new and interesting people, and have definitely been asked where one might purchase them. And this is just since I have owned them! These fabulous 30 year old treasures were given to me by a very special (and extremely fashionable) woman named Theresa (Miss T). She was like my grandma growing up and taught me such wonderful things about fashion namely, how to always be a classy lady (ok, so she probably wouldn't have approved of my goth stage but you can't win em all!).  So, every time I put these boots on I am reminded of her and all of the stories these boots have lived to tell.
Soia & Kyo Leather Jacket, Tory Burch Sweater, Alternative Apparel V-Neck, Blank Moto Jeans, Vintage Ferragamo Boots, Balinese Bangles, Waxing Poetic Charms on Tigerlily Chain, Saks Disc Necklace, Eric Javits Leopard Hat

Do you have anything that makes you think of someone special when you wear it?


Logan Living said...

I love those jeans with the stitching on the knee. Lovely outfit!! And your leather jacket! I have been searching like crazy for a leather jacket that is NOT stiff.

Love the story about the boots. I think any time I wear a scarf I think of my mom because she is a scarf nut! Baha

Accessories Please.blogspot

RosaLovesDC said...

This is a great story! I have a charm that my mom gave me when I was a kid. The cool part is that there's a rose engraved in it. She got it because of my name, Rosa.

Ashley Lauren said...

Those boots are gorg!!!! And so are you! gahhh I'm loving your blog more and more everyday! Thanks so much for your sweet comments --it makes my day! xoxo

Anonymous said...

i have a couple tops like that. a bright pinkish red ruffle blouse i got on sale for like $14 comes to mind.

love your boots!

xo Alison

Anonymous said...

Lovely story!! I love your boots and those jeans are hot!! I have a few pieces in my closet that are most memorable and remind me of certain people in my life. I have a sweater that always reminds me of my boyfriend. Maybe because I wore it a lot when we were first dating.


dinagideon said...

I love the boots, and the story is just wonderful! :)

This is going to sound kind of nuts, but I own a few German traditional dresses call dirndls that I inherited from my dear grandma when she passed away. Admittedly I can't wear them often, but the chances I get always make me feel connected to her.

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous look and pics!
Love your boots!


xx said...

those jeans look AMAZING on you! love how you styled everything!

$75 to swimspot if you are interested!



Fashion Mom said...

like your outfit , it is classy . and i loooove your story x


Jen said...

Those jeans are the BEST!! I've been searching for a pair of motorcross-like jeans for the longest time now!!

Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

Moosette said...

These boots are fabulous! Everytime I ever buy anything vintage I love to imagine the life the piece had before me :-)

Anh said...

I love pieces with a story like that =) And those jeans look amazing on you!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

My mama's vintage suede boots make me happy every time I slip them on my feet. Clothes with stories behind them are so much more interesting!

Valerie said...

Those boots are insane and so are your jeans!!! What a fabulous look. I love when clothing items have meaning to them and remind you of events in your life. I have a few that remind me of when I met my husband that are really fun to wear!


Courtney K. said...

It's just lovely how clothing can have so many stories behind them! With each step you take you are adding to their story. Xoxo.

Unknown said...

oh myyyy, gorgeous boots! I've been looking for something similar for ages! You look gorgeous sweetie..And thanks for being so caring! I really appreciate you stopping by. Have a nice day lovely!

Love Iben

this free bird said...

Those boots are fantastic and soooooo are the jeans. Gorgeous girl!! (and re: the guilt - don't let it get to you. i'm telling you your life will be sucked into the computer!!)


Simply Bubblelicious said...

What a nice story!


Claudia Paola said...

Those boots are amazing! And I really enjoyed your story! I wear my grandmother's floral blouse that she would wear allll the time, and it reminds me of her all the time. So much fun to wear things with a special meaning!

*Claudia* x
Molto ❤ Fashion

Closet Fashionista said...

LOVE those boots, its always fun when things have a story! :D
And I love those jeans too, I just got similar ones myself...waiting for them to come in the mail :)

Ashley said...

i love every label you are wearing! these boots are to die for - no wonder everyone's jealous over them! :)

The Bashful Rose said...

I love love love how you pair the old with the new....!!!! And love the pictures..you look amazing....

christie said...

What a lovely post! I love items that have a story behind that that you are able to share - its just priceless... and to top it off, those boots are hot too!

have a fabulous day dear!

xx Christie

christie said...

P,S, thanks for yor sweet comment & following, I am following you too!

Sabby V said...

Great boots with a great story. So cool!

Also loving your Soia&Kyo jacket. It's canadian!!


BECKY MAY said...

wow love those boots! lovely post and pictures!

The Flower Girl



Lee Oliveira said...

Love those photos effects.
Your outfit its casual and looks very comfortable
Love your boots tho
Lee x

20 YORK STREET said...

Yes a lot of my jewelleries! Or dresses bought by my boyfriend or Mom.
Love this story.

Stay Happy and Positive!




sbot said...

Cool jeans, like the detailing on the knees.



Lila said...

The boots are amazing and you are too cute with the hat/ boot combo.
I have a few items from my mom. The item I wear the most often is her burberry hat. She was a very fashionable petite woman with a lot of spunk. oh how I miss her.

Sophia Caris said...

My mother thinks that all her old clothes are hideous. She actually let me have an old bikini of hers that she bought in Hawaii during the 60's and I just love it. It's a tropical print made out of cloth, sits very low on the hips, but the top, unfortunately doesn't fit me. (She forgot to pass on her topside to me.) But I just love it anyways! It reminds me of her, and it is super cute and vintage.

TheChambrayCountess said...

I love the outfit and the story behind the boots makes them even more awesome :)


in love with those jeans like many others :)


Killer boots!

I have a few pieces of jewelry that I wear religiously every day - each piece reminds me of someone that I adore and the happy times we share...

jemina said...

Those are some AWESOME boots darling, and wearing florals always remind me of my mother, it's her favourite print :)

Wishing you a happy day sweetie


Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a lovely story and those boots are stunning on you,sweetie. I have a necklace I got from my mom when I was little and whenever I wear it I think about her:) Hugs and kisses, my dear