13 December 2010

I'm Sky High

I'm still paying for a very long but entertaining night in my who the heck do I think I am dancing all night in 5.5 inch sky high Gucci leather booties this weekend. You would have thought I was doing the 'African Ant Eater Ritual' (Can't Buy Me Love...anyone?) with the way my body felt! Ah, if only I was 21 again...

So this had me thinking...would it have been a wiser choice for me to wear wedges to shake my booty in? More leverage, perhaps? A little shoe for thought....hmmm.

How was all of your weekends?!


TheChambrayCountess said...

Your shoes are killer...but I can see that might be a literal description as well ;) I love the Balenciaga wedges, too!

Mary said...

Lovely post!
I can imagine your long night in your Gucci booties;)
I love the D&G wedges:)I want them!!
Thanks for stopping by,your blog is very cute.
I added to your followers:)
Have a nice Monday
xx Mary

Lila said...

Shake your bootie..? How can you even walk.

I love a good wedge.

Bethany Jensen said...

Ah I bet those were painful, look good though!

this free bird said...

ohmagah those are GORGE!! i wanna pair!!

Jen said...

My weekend was great but let's talk about those shoes... AMAZING!! And so my style ;-)

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous booties, darling!
Especially loving Camilla Skovgaard!


Mirela Petre said...

love your gucci s <3

and the camilla skovgaard wedges are incredible too! i would choose those :)


zs closet said...

loove the first one!!xxx


Brittany said...

I love wedges! I just found some similar to these! Those heels look killer on you though, so I bet you looked great dancing!

little luxury list said...

They are quite glorious though! The Balenciaga wedges...drool.

Oh yes isn't the black and white bathroom amazing (esp. the tub!)

jemina said...

Those BOOTS are STUNNING!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

i've been eyeing those E + J wedges forEVER. i wish they'd just go on sale already. great picks!

xx http://seejaneworkplaylive.blogspot.com

erika sorocco said...

Gah! I'm in love, I'm in love! That said, I usually stick to sky-high wedges or chunkier heels myself. Spikey styles always freak me out - though I do love them!! :)

Taylor said...

GO GIRL!!!!!! I love shaking my grove thang too!!! Of course while having fun we forget about our feet!

Wedges are my savor tho!