30 November 2010

All. Night-errr.

 I must admit, I've never woken up at the a** crack of dawn to shop on black Friday, but there is a first time for everything, right?! I should preface this by saying, I didn't actually wake up early on Friday morning but just never went to bed on Thursday night. My sister (who thinks she is Santa's elf and would live at the frickin North Pole if she could) conned me into starting the shopping adventure at 10pm after our Thanksgiving dinner.Yup that's right....ALL night. We left at 10pm and didn't get home until 9:30 the next morning (which now that I think about it, we are total nut bags). And let me just tell you, bouncing back after pulling an all nighter just doesn't happen as fast as it used to. WOWZAS.  It took me 2 days to recover and there was no Alcohol involved! So needless to say, I was def traveling international with the bags I had under my eyes.

The task at hand was to get MOST of my xmas shopping done for everyone on my list and resist any and all temptation for myself (yeah right. Who the heck am I kidding?! I had every intention of not buying anything for myself but like I explained to the hubs...They were giving s**t away! Sounded good to me).

Got these adorable Ballet Flats at Gap...Everything in the store was 50% off!

How cute is this Leopard cosmetic bag from Gap? It was only $6!

Their name suits them well...they are literally the coziest things ever! Snagged them for $3 a pair.

J. Crew Snood

And last but certainly not least...

This was purchased at the Nodie's pre-sale but I got to pick it up on Friday!

Marc Jacobs Studded 'Evelyn' Bag

Did any of you score good deals on Friday?


**Special thank you to Carrie from This Free Bird for the shout out this morning!


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous bag and shoes, darling!


this free bird said...

Oh hell no you didn't. AHAHAHAHA!! I freaking love it. A chick I know was at Camarillo at midnight waiting to stampede a biznatch at the butt crack of dawn...now that I think of it I haven't heard from her since. Hmmmmmmm

Anyway - I love those Gap ballet flats! 50% off?? Shiznit. I have a Gap up the street no more than 5 min away. If I had known I could score some leopard and shine I might've emerged with a baseball cap and a layer of deodorant to get in on the action!

ps-marc bag = AMAZE

jemina said...

LOVE all of your loots babe, and that bag!!! Just WOW!!!


She Wore It Well said...

i love love love love LOVEEEE all of your purchases. the MJ bag is to die for.

we have boxing day sales, rather than black friday, but alas i will be overseas this year, so no purchases for me :(

M xx

Nikki said...

LOVE your MJ bag!! Gorgeous!!!


superumi said...

amazing purchase!!! i love the bag :)

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Samantha said...

LOVE the Gap flats! Cute MJ bag too! :o)