23 September 2010

Oh Jenna.....

This post is dedicated to all things JL.  Jenna Lyons has managed to stay with J. Crew for the past 20 years and as executive creative director turn the company into a multi-million dollar mass retailer that still manages to have some serious fashion cred. Totally brillz. She has been president now for almost 2 weeks and I can't wait to see what she turns out in her new role!

A day in the life of? YES PLEASE! Check out her Brooklyn Brownstone digs....

See more of her digs and my fave J. Crew jacket....

Could you die just looking at that closet?! I know, I know. Hard to put into words!

Loving this 'Gilded Tweed' jacket...very a la Chanel.


this free bird said...

I saw her abode on an interview with Oprah and almost jumped out the window. Charmed life, but well deserved given all the hard work she's put into it.

And yessss on the Chanel-ity of that jacket!!


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