15 June 2010

Sweat Pant Fever.

Dare I say sweatpants have made a serious comeback?! There... I said it, and it's true.  Sweatpants are this season's must-have. And now as we speak, there are a shit ton of soccer moms out there jumping for joy as their "staple" has become cool. But is there a wrong and right way to do it? HELL yes. Allow me to show you...

YES...this is definitely working for her.

The level of wrong-ness is too deep to get into but this is a fo sho DON'T. 
Mariah. Girl, please see post on Camel toes here. You might learn how to shield yours.

More on on how to wear your sweats the right way....

via: Stockholm Street Style, thenylareport, Streetpeeper