27 May 2010

Goorin or Bust

I must say I haven't always been a "hat" girl but over the past few years they have definitely grown on me...so much so that I have become completely obsessed with them! I mean with the right outfit, they have a way of making you look so chic with such minimal effort. I should also mention that I have an awkwardly small head (like child status), which limits my hat purchases entirely.  It's definitely not an easy obsession to have adopted! 

Most of my peeps are well aware of my love for hats and my small dome piece, so I was recently given the "Frankie" Fedora (sooo appropriate!) hat by Goorin Brothers as a gift. Not only did it fit to perfection (so rare), but it was so cute and an amazing addition to my summer garb. Success all the way around...love when that happens!
Check out the rest of the dazzling collection on their site....www.goorin.com


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