28 April 2010

Cuddle Me...

How many times have you gotten on a plane and the pillow is sitting on the seat in which someones big booty judy just happened to be sitting?...do they actually think you want to put your head on that?! Lord knows what or where the heck that person's junk has been. Diirrrrty. Then, the flight attendant offers you (for a price) a janky blanket which has totes been recycled & reused (very green of them, but no) to wrap your clean body (hopefully) with. I'm officially grossed out now. 

Enter...Cabin Cuddler!

 I recently just got my hands on one of these and my o my am I in love! You just lay it on the seat, tuck your piggies in the pocket, and wrap it around you...Genius.

Oh and the inflatable pillow...sweetness. 

 It wraps up in a neat little case and you are good to go...

Happy travels!

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