01 February 2010

2010 Grammy Wrap up!

The Grammys' always provide such fashion enjoyment for me because everyone tends to loosen it up a bit and step out of the box (some more than others!). Here are my Faves and some that Tanked may-jah!

Beyonce in a Stephane Rolland gown. 
I loved the detailed intricacy and how it hugged her curves in all the right places. Simply Stunning!

Katy Perry in this back plunging Zac Posen dress really wowed the crowd with sexiness.

John Legend looking sharp in a Prada suit with a leather tie. 

This train wreck who goes by the name Ke$ha needs a frickin fashion intervention STAT. Sister, not sure if anyone told you but clown makeup is NOT in fashion. Get some ponds wipes and take that shizz off! I won't even touch on the outfit. Nuff said.

Now, I wanna know how Ciara managed to pick the most hor-riddeous piece in Givenchy's whole collection?! With a beautiful face like that she would have been better off in the nude.

Don't even get me started on this one. Hey Adam! Eddie Munster called, he wants his wax figure back at the museum ASAP. And the makeup? Tone it down girlfriend....less is more.

Fashionably yours,

photos via: latimes

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