22 October 2014

Real Talk Test Drive Challenge


Last week I reached out to all my peeps on Facebook for some feedback
on 3 different beauty products that I wanted to try for Target's Real Talk
Test Drive Challenge. Now, these 3 products were totally new to me and
I was having a really hard time deciding which one I wanted to test out the
most! Lucky for me, I had you all to the make the decision :). Here were the
3 products:

Pixi  //  Essie  //  NYX

Now, I'm a HUGE lover of a good matte lipstick and I give myself
regular mani's at home, so I was secretly hoping that it would be one
of those 2. Well...my wish came true because the nail polish won hands

Polish Color: Lil' Boa Peep

I have tried TONS of different color polishes and different brands over the 
years, but I've never tried a polish that can give you an instant print/pattern
on your nails. This had me way too curious on how it would work! 

Just like your regular polish, start by applying your first coat.

Next, apply your second coat one nail at a time. While your nail is still wet, balance the white
cap just below the cuticle and hover over the nail for 5 seconds. Then lift the
cap to see your snakeskin design!

I'm no stranger to trying new colors or adding a little polka dot here
and there to my nails, so adding the snakeskin wasn't too far out of
my wheelhouse. I would have to say the ease of use wasn't the best
and it took a couple of times to get it right! But even then it was a
pretty different and interesting new concept. It's definitely worth trying
a least once!

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Love that color! I'm wearing a similar one by OPI right now and it's cool how the metallic looks different in different angles and against other colors. The snakeskin and the way to apply is interesting!