25 October 2013

Fall Chapeau

{image via}

My hat obsession is obviously no secret but
every Fall I find some amazing hats to add to 
my growing collection!

Here are a roundup of
my faves with the ultimate chicest deal being 
this one.


Christina Sophia Gomes said...

I need to get me a hat! You look fab! :)

BKCsquared said...

I'm loving the French in your title! Chapeau just sounds so much better than 'hat'!

xo, B

Annie Chang said...

amazing hat!


Unknown said...

agree! I so need a wide brimmed grey or black hat this fall/winter!


latest post :: Fashionista.com asks whether desginer collaborations are doing a disservice to the consumers on both ends..my response!

danielle said...

blank nyc is the shit! they make the best stuff at an affordable price point. love your outfit!

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